Background checks by social security number

Another important element that employers check is the Social Security Number SSN that candidates put down on their job applications. While SSN verification is done by nearly every employer, many job applicants are concerned about what the employer can see when they run a check. Pre-employment screening services get their data from a variety of public and commercial databases. The first thing employers see when they run a check is an alert if the Social Security Number provided has never been issued or belongs to a person reported as deceased, as these are likely indicators that either there is a mistake in the SSN provided or that the application is fraudulent.

Use of Social Security Number for a Background Check

Other details an employer can see include: all names and aliases or spelling variations associated with that particular SSN, current and previous addresses, dates at addresses listed, phone number, date of birth and previous employers. Employers are also aware of the fact that in certain cases, not all prior employers will be listed or that employment information may not be available at all.

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License No. We work alongside the Form I-9 Compliance team to onboard, track, monitor compliance updates and support our clients throughout their search needs.

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The search must be conducted post-hire, within three days of the employee's start date. E-Verify Asurint partners with Form I-9 Compliance to provide E-Verify accessibility from initial planning to successful implementation. Not all employers are legally required to conduct an E-Verify search.

If using this service, it should be conducted post-hire and not be used in a discriminatory manner. If applicable, a death indicator will be reported when the records reflect that the SSN holder is deceased.

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Social Security Number (SSN) Trace

Why is a SSN required, and what does Checkr do with it? Can I request multiple reports for a candidate? Can a background check be canceled or deleted? Can Checkr run background checks on minors?

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