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Legally recognised translation services around the world, in particular in Europe, USA. The certified translation also known as official translation of your official documents such as birth and marriage certificates, academic transcripts, diplomas, degrees, administrative documents such as contracts is undertaken in accordance with industry standards and will be carried out by our sworn translators certified by the cour d'appel Court of Appeal for France, by our professional translators for the UK or the USA, or by our translators approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for other countries.

Birth Certificate Translation Services for USCIS, Fast and Cheap

The sworn translator assigned to the certified translation is chosen on the basis of the language combination and purpose of your document. For example, a certified translation of your English or German birth certificate for official purposes in France will be translated by our sworn translators recognised by the public authorities in France. Request a quote. We'll send you a free customized quote - in less than 60 minutes during office hours!

Certified translation services online Certified translation services of your marriage, birth certificates, diplomas, police records ACSTraduction is the first language provider specialised in certified translation services.

How to Translate Birth Certificates for USCIS

Immigration is a stressful experience. So, whatever can be done to tone down the anxiety of the process should be taken seriously. Birth certificates are fragile documents that are composed of private and sensitive information, needed to be handled with care. We will translate birth certificate for immigration and keep it safe from being used for wrong purposes. Notarization is a kind of certification that is expensive with its demands in the industry. But we have the best deals for any kind of document that you will request to be converted.

We can get your birth certificate translated and notarized within a day and get it delivered back to you within the requested deadline. If you require it in a hurry, you will not even have to pay extra rush rates or hidden charges - with us the translation will cost the same price no matter how urgent it may be. A birth certificate translation is usually a certified translation where the translation is accompanied by a so-called certificate of accuracy, which declares that the translation is accurate and a true representation of the original, and the translator is fluent in both languages, thus qualified to translate the document.

The certificate of accuracy is being signed by the translator or by the translation agency, and has all needed contact details. The translation needs to look exactly like the original, only translated. While in theory you could get that from just about any freelancer, we strongly advice to get your translation from a well-known translation agency in the US which deals with such things on a daily basis and are aware of the requirements.

We are able to help you with that at some of the lowest rates, and we provide you with the guarantee that the translation will be accepted by the USCIS. Any professional translator can provide you with the translation of your birth certificate. However if you need to have a certified translation you need to use the services of a certified translator or a translation agency specialized in certified translations.

We hire professional translators who translate your birth certificate from the original language into English. We can translate from over languages into English and we will be happy to help you. The birth certificate template is basically the template of the original document. We extract the text, translate it, and add it back into the original template, so the translation will look exactly like the original. We receive daily pdf files or images of birth certificates that need to be translated.

Most of the questions we get are if we can keep the same format. We invest a lot of time in the format of the original document converting it to an editable format. As you may know, scanned files and images cannot be edited by our translators.

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We convert the files with special software that creates a format the translator can work with. To have an idea how this works, see our video. Yes, we can keep the format of the original document. In fact, the translation will be sent to you in the identical format of the original document as a rule. We will preserve the format for you. We have the lowest rates in the United States and deliver within 24 hours!

We have the resources to translate from over languages. We have many local and regional languages on the roster as well, and we would be surprised if we do not have a linguist ready to translate for you. We provide Mexican birth certificate translations with professional translators who conduct these translations perfectly and up to the mark. We are here to help you with any personal document you may have. USCIS prohibits the applicant from translating his personal documents on his own. Other than the applicant, anyone else can translate and certify a translation but there is a risk you could get a RFE if the translation or the certificate of accuracy is not done according to requirements.

It is a general rule for any vital document or personal document. We translate marriage certificates from over languages into English.

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We convert your photocopy into an editable format to keep the layout if possible and translate into English. We have our online notary available to notarize your translation. If you have questions, please contact us. While USCIS no longer requires notarization of your translation, in some cases they might request a notarized translation. If they do, get in touch and we will translate and notarize the translation for you.

The document must be taken to another notary public to notarize. This depends on the country involved, though, because different countries have a different meaning to what a notary public can do. If you are immigrating to the US and your personal documents are in any other language than English, you will need to have them translated and certified, and that also includes your birth certificate.

While just about anyone but you can translate such documents, there are certain requirements that need to be kept in mind. Your friend or a freelancer may not be aware of that and this is why we strongly advice to get your translation with us. While in theory just about anyone could translate a birth certificate and certify the translation, you will have a hard time of getting it notarized. It is therefore better if you take our services where you can have your birth certificate translated and notarized in 24 hours at the lowest price around, and the translation is guaranteed to be accepted by any state institution.

Below you can download an example of a birth certificate translation form. Please note that you cannot just use a pdf form from the internet and translate your birth certificate yourself. Also, you need to present a translation of the original birth certificate of your country. Since each country has another format of the birth certificate, yours can be different from the one below. Still searching Google on how to translate a birth certificate? Universal Translation services provide birth certificate translation services for clients who are opting for immigration services, planning to study abroad or choosing to apply immigration for their spouse or child.

It is our deepest concern to educate you on the importance of a birth certificate translation and when we are available with our years of experience in the industry, you never have to search for any other translation services ever. Although everyone has the right to define and identify themselves how they want, personal documents are what show your identity officially. You will need them at various points of your life. It starts when you are born and issued a birth certificate, then you enter academic life and gather academic documents.

You get married and get a document to show for that too. A resume can only get you so far.

How to translate documents for immigration to Canada

You need all your papers to land a job. The certificate, however, cannot aid in immigration if it is not in the same language as that of the country you are applying to unless you obtain its translated. In immigration, birth certificate translations are required at the top. Not having them is absolutely out of the question if you are ready to travel abroad. Millions of people book their flights for different sorts of journeys every day and even more are out there seeking help with immigration and documentation.

Just like we are, the specialists in immigration birth certificate translations. It will be a matter of inexpressible joy for us to be a part of the realization of a dream job, or a business settlement you were wishing for so long. We work and live by your side, and the moment you start processing your paperwork, we advise you to hand over the documents to us, of course, the ones which need translation. It is best that you keep a ready copy in advance to avoid any stress later.

USCIS requires the long form version of your birth certificate

Moreover, you could spend your precious time in shopping, attend dinners with your family and friends or you could even finish off with the last errands you had to run. See how much we help you in more than just one way. Hundreds of clients already got translated birth certificates from us and all of them have been accepted by the immigration office.

We know our work, we are aware of the requirements and we guarantee acceptance. Yes and no. It really depends on the quality of the image you send to us. If you get in touch with us now and send us your document then accept our quote, you will have your translation of birth certificate in 24 hours.

Getting ready for immigration? Then getting your birth certificate translated is definitely on top of the list.

Birth Certificate Translation

There are two ways to get your birth certificate translation. Either through a private translator or through a translation company. Finding a good translator online is comparatively harder, freelancers usually work with their own schedule. A translation company, however, is easier to find and has professional Translators.

ACSTraduction is the first language provider specialised in certified translation services.

They have an instant mean of communication and providing quotes, therefore, the best way to get your birth certificate translated is through a reliable Translation services company. Just like Universal Translation Services, get in touch with us and get birth certificate Translations without any trouble. Excited to go to the US? Looking forward to your new life in America?