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It is very difficult to fint, because it's not stamped large and deep like anyone sensible would have thought but small and shallow, and it looks like it was made with laser back in the 90s??? So it's nearly impossible to spot, certainly not under paint and easy to miss even if you scrape the paint off and potentially easy to scrape off too I'll see if I can get a picture of it, but I'm not sure since I can't even read it properly yet. That requirement makes no sense to me These days, the vast majority of passenger vehicles on the road are uni-body and have no separate "frame".

What's a VIN & How to Use the Check Digit

You would expect that all passenger vehicles would have to be inspected using the same requirements across the board. Would a uni-body passenger car be failed for not having a VIN on a frame? For inspections, the VIN on the dash is all anyone has ever looked at in Massachusetts from what I have seen. That metal tag is the official record identifying the vehicle.

When recovering stolen vehicles, the VIN on the dash is what everybody goes by. Nobody is checking frames. This just doesn't sound right. Maybe that inspection station is making up their own interpretation. I would agree with this too- single identification VIN should be in use for a vehicle. Any others should be useful for theft recovery or confirmation purposes. Recently I was pulled over for reminding me to watch my speedometer a little closer.

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Never have seen that used before- so they are identifying vehicles with more than just the dash plate. I kind of doubt that Sweden cares what is done in Massachusetts or anywhere else They are looking for stolen cars and this is a step they've chosen to implement. They are looking for chop shop vehicles being imported and this is a step they've chosen to implement. No kidding I think his pic is inverted but on 98 sport and 04 rubi in on passenger side frame rail outside side of rail between the body mounts Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk.

The pic I posted isn't inverted. That's the passengers side, just in front of the transfer skid plate. Originally Posted by MountaineerTom. MountaineerTom and Lucky Swede like this. Originally Posted by Junkyard junkie. This is the same location I have, both for my rusted out frame and for the replacement '06 frame I got.

The '98's VIN is illegible from the rust. The VIN is not "stamped" in, looks more like a laser etching, don't think that'll last long with any weathering from salt and such. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

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Jeep Patriot VIN number locations..!

How much fluid did you get into Flexing - Jounce and Bumpstop How to repair a noisy Park Pawl. New Ball Joints not drive-able! I will have to check that out. Re: Jeep Vin location Why no title? If it is lost you can get duplicate for like 4 dollars. If he never had the title be careful, could be stolen or have other issues and you could lose it when you attempt to register it.

I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. Re: Jeep Vin location he never had a title, and he cannot find a vin. Re: Jeep Vin location here is some of your risk. The DMV knows of places vin numbers are that the general public does not. Helps prevent parts swapping and getting rid of know places for vin numbers in order to steal cars.

Jeep Wrangler JK VIN Guide

When my 53 Willys Pickup was changed from California to Arizona registration the hidden numbers did not match the registration. They took the Willys into a locked garage that I was not permitted in to inspect the vehicle. Mine was due to Cali DOT did not know where to look on an old Willys for the right numbers when it was registered there, so they put on their own California numbers. I had to put up a bond to register it.

If it had later been found to be stolen I would have lost the Willys, the bond, and the money I paid for it.

If the vin number is not in the normal place DOT here will do an inspection. You will not know were to find the hidden numbers. Re: Jeep Vin location i can cut it up enought to not look like a jeep anymore, im not too worried about that. Joined Dec 10, Messages 1, Location Ft. Original engine?

Tell the dmv back then Willys used the serial on the engine block and have that all nice and shiny ready to verify I'm not familiar with how persnickety NM is Call ahead and see what they'll tell you--some states will issue you a new vin plate to afix to your body, others will have you put up a bond for ten times the value of the vehicle in case it was stolen Otherwise go to ebay or search google and have a "new" vin plate made stamped with the of your choice Yes, this becomes an ethics question NM DMV said they would have to have a state trooper put it on a rack and search for it underneath.

That is all I have done for two weeks is lay under the thing, no numbers. There goes a bunch more money and they can not get it in till Sept. I may end up buying a blank plate and take it to a trophy shop Trying to get a hold of the PO and see what he did, good luck on that one. OK, how do you translate the vin number?? I have ten numbers in mine. I need to make sure this is jeep vin or one assigned by CO??

Check with dataplates4u.