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Previously, registries of offenders were only available on a state level, making it difficult to track and investigate known offenders. Although the service has deleted the profiles from MySpace, information is collected in its database for law enforcement, Angus said. The attorneys general of Georgia, Idaho, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Mississippi and New Hampshire joined Connecticut in signing the letter last week demanding that the company turn over information on sex offenders on MySpace. Discover Thomson Reuters. Directory of sites. It is so important to remember what information is accessible through the Internet.

As a recruiter we need as much information about our candidates as possible, so we go beyond reference checks and perform Internet searches.

It is alarming to see what some of the recent college grads have posted on sites such as MySpace and Facebook. I like to take a look and see what information is out there about the candidates by performing a Google search.

When do you hang with an old dude online? When he’s running for office!

If they have recognitions through sports or the community, that's great information that adds credibility to the candidate. It also helps me create a bond with that candidate because sometimes this information is more telling than a resume and cover letter. It also shows them that our company cares about who they are. People don't join companies - they join people.

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The candidate's MySpace page can also give great background information as to who this person really is and what kind of friends they have. Because MySpace allows for lots of customization and personal touches, candidates should realize that recruiters, clients, business associates and colleagues all have access to the Internet and may see how this person "acts outside of work. Keep your page professional and change your voicemail greeting. By no means would information positive or negative found on the Internet make or break my decision.

I personally think it is not the best way to screen a candidate. If someone has not met with a candidate face to face, but you have looked at pictures potentially on the Internet that may or may not be flattering, I think you are opening yourself up to scrutiny about hiring practices, and are you discriminating in some way based on what you saw in those pictures i. I can see a need, and have researched more senior candidates on the Internet for articles, publications, etc, and see a big value in this type of "screening".

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If and when you have a similar need from a college student, this would be useful as well. If a recruiter is relying on information from a personal page to make their ultimate decision, they should be careful. As far as giving advice to students, you could look at the adage of "Don't put anything out on the Internet that you would not want to have to explain to your mother, father, grandparents, priest, boss, judge, etc, etc.

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My general theme is that employers should NOT be looking at MySpace and other social networking pages to find candidates, but rather should be pushing content out TO students through these venues. Screening candidates by looking at these pages is not a particularly good way to determine bona fide occupational qualifications. I call this the your-best-candidate-doing-keg-stands-in-a-hula-skirt phenomenon.

If as an employer you see this, what do you do with the information? In many cases, the answer is nothing, because it is not related to their occupational qualifications. Also, I think it is so important that students understand that we are now Googling for candidates posting resumes on line and with privacy protections is now a very popular way for recruiters to find candidates.

I would never Google a candidate to see what their web presence is but in looking for on-line resumes, other pages could come up. I would recommend that job seekers use the "parent test".

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If you are not concerned that your parents will see your online profile, then you should not be concerned that your future employer sees it. Because in many cases they will! I do not use MySpace or Facebook as part of the screening process. On the other hand, my son, who is entering college in the fall has shown me the pages of people he knows, the content of which I would give serious question to if I was looking to recruit them. Keith M.

The scariest thing about Internet social networking sites is that students have no idea that anyone other than friends are watching. There is a false feeling of safety attached to the network you create with these systems. While employers may not have access to these programs, newly hired graduates do and they may be more apt to naturally utilize them. As career counseling professionals, we here at Babson will certainly be communicating with our students about the dangers of getting too personal on social networking sites. I am afraid that until something happens to someone they know, many students will dismiss the warnings to beware.

I think that information found on social networking sites should not be used by employers when considering candidates for employment.

The networks are exactly that, social ones, and should not be considered as a measure of professional worth. However, since some employers may use social networking sites to gain information regarding job applicants, I would strongly advise students to remove any potentially incriminating information that would adversely affect their ability to get the interview. When I first mentioned it in class, I could see by the expression on a couple of student's faces that they probably had information on the web, that they wouldn't want anyone to see.

This is just another area that Career Services staff need to be aware of so we can inform our students of the potential harm in a job search. With the increasing technology, everyone needs to think through the information that they put on the web. In the 21st century, reference checking will include more and more online research.

I advise students to "clean up their digital dirt! We advise students to "Google" themselves to see what comes up. This is yet another step in the job search process. I work with a lot of recruiters coming to ASU to either interview or attend our career events and job fairs, and I've not heard from any yet who've said they actually use Internet Social Networking sites to obtain info on potential candidates.

Of course, they may be doing this and just not telling us It is always better to be safe than sorry. Believe me there will be some employers that will view it and there is nothing you as a job seeker can do about it. Most employers I have spoken with cannot afford the time to go "sleuthing" on the Internet. But in some cases, especially where one's character is an area of the utmost concern for employers, this may be useful in gaining a window into a side of the candidate that would otherwise be unknown.

Perhaps, but it is foolish for a person to allow this to happen. My advice? Be careful with what you publish, and choose friends who respect your privacy and reputation. Someday it may make all the difference.