How to find an old army buddy

It doesn't matter if you're not sure where they live — but if you can add their last-known location, it will help narrow your search.

Navy buddies reunite after 37 years

You can also narrow it down by age group, which is super helpful if they have a common name. Next, TruthFinder assembles a list of possible candidates.

How to Find Old Army Buddies Online | Our Everyday Life

It should be pretty clear which one's your guy, and once you've made your selection, you can sit back and watch as the search engine flicks through public records, retrieving information such as:. It's way more than you could expect to find by yourself, but TruthFinder puts the data you need firmly in your hands so you can decide what to do next — a surprise call, a personal letter or an invite to a squad reunion.

To access the information, all you need is a TruthFinder membership. Members receive access to reports culled from hundreds of millions of records , without having to work overtime to find the information they want. The price of your membership means there are no advertisements cluttering up the dossier you receive, and the data remains independent and impartial: TruthFinder answers only to you, the customer.

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These customer reviews are testament to how effective this service is. And the great thing about a TruthFinder subscription is that it gives you unlimited monthly searches.

That means you needn't stop with the first pal you find. You can work through your list, identify forgotten friends from old photographs, and check your own records for clues. Grab a drink with the first comrade you track down, and you'll find that the pair of you are able to remember more names and faces than you could manage by yourself. In fact, finding information about people you know is pretty addictive. Reconnect with a couple of old Army buds, and you'll find yourself wondering about some of the other folks you used to know.

Tracking Down Recent Veterans

High-school girlfriends. Old football teammates.

Locating Veterans and Service Members

Even family members that are out of touch. Life takes some crazy turns, and when you reach a certain age, you start to value things differently and find space in your life for people who just wouldn't fit when you were starting a family. Your old mates are going through the same thing , wherever they are. They might just appreciate you reaching out to come together.

Army buddies

You don't know what's going on in your military buddies' lives. Maybe they could use a friend, someone to spend time with, exercise or a vacation.

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Or maybe they're going through some tough times, and a voice from the past is just what they need. If you don't reach out, you'll never know. In five years or 10 years, it may be too late.

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  • TruthFinder puts the power of discovery in your hands — what you do with that information is up to you. Type in that first name, hit the "Search" button, and your journey to the past begins.

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    Vietnam Veteran Reunited With War Buddy 50 Years After Losing Touch, Thanks to Twitter

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