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Meisner said he hopes for a legislative fix. According to data collected by Loveland Technologies from the Michigan Department of Treasury, Oakland County had 6, tax foreclosures between and That is the third-most of any county in the state over that period, behind only Wayne and Genessee counties, which had , and 18,, respectively.

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Michigan Capitol Confidential asked Meisner what would happen if the state Supreme Court ruled that county governments could no longer keep profits from delinquent property tax sales. Granting these parties net proceeds from the sale could induce them to never pay taxes, while collecting rent from tenants and forcing treasurers to act as their involuntary realtors. Christina Martin is an attorney with Pacific Legal Foundation, a nonprofit public interest organization that is representing Rafaeli.

In , Rafaeli tried to certify his lawsuit as a class action in federal district court.

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The court ruled that his claim could only be heard in a state court, and in , he filed suit in Oakland County Circuit Court. The appeals court said that the U. The parties in the dispute will present their written arguments to the Michigan Supreme Court before the end of the month, and the high court will likely hear oral arguments in the fall.

Martin also said that if the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that Oakland County did seize the property of both Rafaeli and Ohanessian without just compensation, it would be persuasive in any similar cases that may make their way to the U. The U.

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Post Office directs mail based upon the addressee information on record, thus they may forward tax bills to the former owner's new address. New owners should contact the Treasurer's Department at What to do when you get your tax bill:.

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Need to defer your property tax payment? How can I look up my property tax bill? Late with your tax payments? Telegraph Road, Pontiac, Michigan, In most cases the Street Direction will not be necessary.

Please enter the parcel number in the format as listed. All Farmington Hills parcel numbers start with the number 22 which is already entered. Enter the remaining numbers; the dashes automatically are placed correctly. If the first or last name is only entered, a default search will list all parcels listed under that name whether it is an owner's last or first name.