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Unfortunately we cannot perform that free license plate search for you. Our license plate number search and VIN check resources are reciprocal in their function. That means we can lookup vehicle information with the license plate number or vehicle identification number but we cannot lookup those numbers with a name. That being said, in order to figure out what your plate number is you will want to contact the DMV directly. Check out the SearchQuarry. We apologize for the inconvenience accessing our license plate lookup resources. You should have received an email with your login credentials.

If you cannot find this please reach out to our customer support to further assist you with your license plate number lookup. White truck with hazard lifts flashing and light on top keeps going and stopping in our neighborhood for several days. No idea why. No markings on truck. Dark windows. A license plate lookup will need a license plate number to proceed. Our license plate number, VIN and vehicle record resources are for the United States only so unfortunately we cannot assist you with your vehicle records.

This is becasuse we have the Freedom of Information Act which allows the general pubic to have access to public information, which is a lot. Point being, you might reach out to some kind of service in the UK that handles these types of inquiries. There is probably a precedence for this.

Free Car License Plate Lookup | Detailed Vehicle Title Report

You will need to contact the DMV directly to search a temporary license plate number. We can only run a license plate number lookup for registered vehicles. Our license plate lookup resources are only accessible if you have a license plate number and know the state of registration. Unfortunately we cannot assist you with that information, you will need to reach out to the DMV in your state to find out about any vehicles registered under your name.

How to get Information of Vehicle owner by its Number Plate !!!

As far as the vehicle warranty calls go, make sure to document any information they provide you with. If you are looking for proof of insurance via a license plate number search we cannot assist you with this unfortunately. Proof of insurance must come from your auto insurance company. With many auto insurance companies you can request proof of insurance online or over the phone. Call your auto insurance company or visit their website to obtain proof of auto insruance.

You will want to contact the DMV about this issue. This can only be resolved by visiting the DMV in person. You can book a DMV appointment or wait in line to talk to a representative about your vehicle registration and the disconnect between your motorcycle license plate and title. I just want to report license plate tampering. Thank you for the information about the license plate tampering, which is highly illegal, but you should really report this to the police. We do not have a direct affiliation with the police or DMV so you will need to report this license plate tampering directly.

I just obtained a vehicle from a friend of mine. She bought it from another friend and never brought it in for a title transfer.

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And the other guy did a online bill of sale. Taking it out of his name. Matt, it really depends on the state in which you registered your vehicle. You will probably need to visit the DMV in person to find out what to do next and get it registered in your name.

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See below for the most common way a vehicle title transferred when purchasing a used vehicle. When a person sells a vehicle the title transfer is handled by the owner and the seller must send in the release of liability.

Here are some frequently asked questions by motorists about Public Records:

The title must be signed by both parties and all the relevant fields filled out. The title transfer can then be mailed in, sent online or handed in person. You will need to contact the DMV about any disabled person parking placard information. We do not have the ability to search placards such as you mention. If fraud is suspected with a handicap parking placard, you can report this to the DMV in your state via email. I have the plate but there is no State on the plate. If you cannot find it on the license plate then look on the tags, or registration sticker.

Audrey, you will need to contact the DMV directly about your vehicle registration. Your best and fastest option to get your car registration sticker is to visit the DMV in person.

And Report Bad Drivers, Suspicious Activity and more...

You can get pulled over for old registration tags and inaccuracies with your registration can also be problematic. You will want to run a vehicle history report for this type of inquiry. There is a nominal fee for the vehicle history report but it is best practice to obtain a Carfax or perform a VIN check when purchasing a used vehicle. That being said, consider your gut instinct. Many times deals that seem too good to be true are just that. I have been billed for a toll that I am not responsible for.

I need to find out who owns this car. In this situation your best option would be to contact the agency that sent you the Toll violation and dispute this charge. This should be as easy as showing them evidence of your vehicle with the license plate number on your registration. Sometimes the toll company will also take a picture to verify who is driving. These mistakes happen from time to time and you should be able to easily sort this out with the Toll agency. See below for how to contest a Toll Violation with the bill you were sent.

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Submit an explanation of why you are contesting the toll violation. Then mail in the form and wait for it to be reviewed.

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  5. This may take a few weeks to process. You can also go online to dispute your charges with the relevant state toll road agency. In the state of California, the required license plate that is displayed on your vehicle must be issued from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Unfortunate you cannot legally print up a license plate and laminate and place it on your vehicle. I do not have this information, as I have not had the car or its registration for several years.

    I need it to pay a past due EZPass bill in Massachusetts. Please help! That being said, you can go to the EZ Pass website and make a toll payment for your toll violation. My comment to my problem is that of me trying to find out where Kentwood police department sent my plate. It sounds like your best option is to contact the Kentwood police department about this issue. We do not have any information to provide you about your vehicle. You will need to read and agree to the terms and conditions of the license plate number lookup to obtain any vehicle related information. Some personal information will not be available for security reasons and some information may be limited depending on what state you live in.

    I am trying to locate an old car that I used to own. Is it possible by using my driver license number from when I owned the car? In order to hunt down that information you will need to contact the DMV and see what is possible. You login information is also emailed to you.

    Please check your spam folder if you cannot locate it. If you still cannot locate your login please call our customer support Many times when you look up a plate it takes a while for info to come up.. Is the paid service much quicker or is it the same? Cindy, it really depends on what type of vehicle record search and what state you are searching in.

    Our database records search sorts through billions of records so it sometimes takes a minute and is not necessarily faster with our paid service. Had a person hit me from behind.