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Click the 'Criminal Records and Sealing' link on our home page for more information about records with no more than two misdemeanor convictions OR one misdemeanor and one felony conviction for possible eligibility. Cases appearing solely with charges that do not result in fingerprinting e.

We are in the process of conforming our system to reflect the changes mandated by CPL Check the Direct Access page for more information. Indicate name, address. Applications with unclear or omitted information will be rejected.

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Each alias and each date of birth is counted as an additional search. The results of this process are NOT certified and should not be confused with a "Certificate of Disposition" which can only be issued by the court of original jurisdiction. CHRS results are verified, reviewed, amended, if necessary, and emailed to our customers the following business day - A. Monroe County only.

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Several counties have searchable databases. The link below lists all the counties in Ohio and what resources they have available online with links to the relevant records searches.

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Fee-based service. On the map, click on the county in which you want search. There is a subscription fee to search cases online here. Requires sign-up and one time fee. Skip to main content. In some cases, particularly family law cases, it is important to know: if a case has been filed against you, if a case is "pending," or "ongoing" in another state, that is, a case has been filed and has not gone to judgment, if there is a past custody order or a current custody order in another state. They include: evictions, debt collection, small claims, personal injury cases and medical malpractice.

Family law cases -- Family law cases include: divorce, paternity, custody, visitation, guardianship, and domestic violence. Some websites list traffic violations driving without a license and insurance, drunk driving, operating a motor vehicle unsafely and if a person charged failed to show up for court, so that an arrest warrant issued.

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Start If you don't find what you're looking for there, most of the individual counties also have their own system of searchable records. Tweet Widget Facebook Like. Government agencies, such as law enforcement agencies, can access your criminal record without your consent.

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If you are charged with a crime, your defense attorney will get a copy of your criminal record and examine it carefully for any errors. Other organizations, such as employers and schools, may need your consent to obtain a copy of your criminal record, but refusing to give consent will almost certainly be considered a red flag. In some states, there are limits on what kind of criminal record information employers can access or request.

Beyond employers, the people who can obtain a copy of your criminal record can vary greatly from state to state.

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In other states, less serious convictions may not be easily accessed. Private companies also sell criminal records online, to anyone willing to pay a fee, although these records are not necessarily complete, because they include only information that is publicly available. If your criminal record contains any inaccurate information that is detrimental to you, you need to ask the state to correct it.

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If you are currently facing charges, your defense attorney can help you do this. For example, a misdemeanor conviction may be listed as a felony, or the criminal conviction of someone else with the same name may be included in your record. All states and the federal government also maintain sex offender registries. Sex offender registries are generally public and often available online although sometimes information is only available for offenders who are considered to be particularly dangerous. If you have previously been convicted of a crime, but have stayed out of trouble, you may be able to seal or expunge destroy your record.

Generally, expunged convictions will not be included in a criminal record. While sealing and expunging does not necessarily clear your record for any and all purposes for example, a law enforcement agency may still be able to access these records , it may allow you to truthfully state that you have not been convicted of a crime if asked by an employer or landlord. Generally, it is much more difficult, or impossible, to seal or expunge records for serious criminal convictions.

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A criminal record can make it hard to obtain work, rent an apartment, or qualify for a professional license. If your criminal record is inaccurate, or if you believe that your record should be expunged, you may want to talk to a local criminal defense attorney.

An attorney can tell you what steps to take in order to correct or expunge your record. The information provided on this site is not legal advice, does not constitute a lawyer referral service, and no attorney-client or confidential relationship is or will be formed by use of the site.