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Would s. Hi Janet, You may be able to work a job that doesn't require strenuous labor, however it may affect you eligibility for benefits. If I have been working p. When I go from ssdi to ss retirement, will my monthly ss amount go up? Hi Sue, Generally the SSA imposes a "disability freeze", where you would be set to receive the same amount in benefits as you would as if you hadn't stopped working. In your case if you're making less that what you did prior to being disabled, you may not have a change in benefits. I am on disability.

My benefits include SSD and my work disability insurance.

Column: A growing mortality gap is letting the rich get richer from Social Security

Since now I receive disability, when I reach retirement age, will I be able to apply to add spousal benefits to my retirement? If a husband or wife has been married for at least a year to someone who receives Social Security disability benefits, the spouse can get Social Security benefits if the spouse is 62 years old or older. I am receiving ssdi from my deceased husbands record. We were divorced at the time of his death.

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I am bilaterally hearing impaired and proving this disabilty was lengthy! Will I convert to retirement benefits based on his birthdate or mine. At 66, they fall only months from one another. Also will I be contacted of the change to retirement benefits? Thank you!

Social Security Earnings Limit

Hi Barbara, You would convert to retirement based on your own birthdate. They may contact you regarding the conversion of benefits, however the benefit amount may not change. Hi Brian! Thank you for your quick response! After our divorce and his death, much to my surprise, I found out that at some point he had stopped paying in to SS for me. Even though we had owned a business together and I worked for our business.

So if I understand you correctly, you are saying it will convert on MY 66th birthday this March and not his in December? Thanks again! Hi Barbara, Your retirement age may vary based on your birthdate, so you may have a different retirement age. Another question. When I turn 66 in March,, and my disabilty benefit changes to retirement benefit, am I entitled to widows benefit?

I guess I am asking, was I or will I ever be entitled to widows benefits?

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This was based on his record. Thank you again! Hi Barbara, You may be eligible for survivor's benefits, you may want to contact your local SSA office regarding this. I collect my SSDI based on my husbands record. We were divorced when he died. I have turned down opportunities to do small jobs over time because I was afraid my disabilty would come into question.

I will be 66 in March of this year. Am I correct in thinking that first, my SSDI will transfer to retirement benefits this March, secondly, will I be able to find a small job I can do and not be in fear of losing my monthly income? Hi Bobbie, While SSDI benefits have earnings limits, retirement benefits do not, and as such you may be able to find a job without risking losing your benefits. My husband of 40 years has been on SSD for 20 years.

He is almost His health is not good, so he may not live to full retirement age of 66 and 2 months. I am What happens to his SSD if he passes away before full retirement age? Will I be left without any income from his SSD benefit? I work, but we have depended on that to help support ourselves for many years. Hi Debbie, I'm sorry to hear that! In the event of your husband's passing, you may be eligible for survivor's benefits based on his work record. I turned 60 in Dec and just recieved notice that i am being switched to retirement ss meaning i will receive much less My ex- spouse over 20 years married has been on Disability for over 15 years.

When she turns 66 in April will they automatically convert her to half my benefit amount? Do I need to flag them ahead of time to be sure she gets switched to mine? HI Jim, If she's entitled to a higher benefit amount based on your work record, the SSA may automatically send her that benefit rather than one off of her own record. I have been drawing disability after working 15 years in the tech industry. I will turn 66 in March I have already received a letter letting me know that my income amount will change by dollars in Feb.

Sen. Ernst Presses SSA on Inaccurate Death Master File and Failure to Correct Existing Deficiencies

I suffer from nerve damage due to walking on crutches from having polio since age two. I do not even turn 66 until March why change it in Feb. Hi Judy, That change in benefits may be for the following month, and they may have just changed it the month before to ensure that you receive the right benefit amount. Google Tag Manager. You are here. The following outline will help you understand at what age your SSDI benefits will convert to retirement benefits: — 65 years and 2 months — 65 years and 4 months — 65 years and 6 months — 65 years and 8 months — 65 years and 10 months through — 66 years — 66 years and 2 months — 66 years and 4 months — 66 years and 6 months — 66 years and 8 months — 66 years and 10 months and later — 67 years By reviewing the age breakdown above, you can see at what age your Social Security Disability benefits will convert to Social Security Retirement benefits.

Hi Frank, You may still need a payee even when it converts to retirement benefits. Hi Luigi, I am so sorry to hear that. Best Wishes, Eric. Hi Elena, Your benefit amount may not change. In contrast to cash-basis accounting, accrual accounting records transactions as they are made, whether or not the cash has actually changed hands.

Most companies of any size use accrual accounting. This system provides a better matching between revenues and their associated cost, which helps companies understand the true causes and effect of business activities. Accordingly, revenues are recognized during the period in which the sales activities occur, whereas expenses are recognized in the same period as their associated revenues.

Edited by Elizabeth Garrett, Elizabeth A. Graddy, and Howell E. Cambridge University Press, This measure reflects the financial burden or liability being passed on to future generations.

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Historical values computed using the intermediate assumptions value for Covered Workers and Beneficiaries, Calendar Years — Consideration of summary measures alone such as the actuarial balance and open-group unfunded obligation for a year period can lead to incorrect perceptions and to policy prescriptions that do not achieve sustainable solvency. These concerns can be addressed by considering the trend in trust fund ratios toward the end of the period. Another measure of trust fund finances, discussed in appendix F, is the infinite horizon unfunded obligation, which takes account of all annual balances, even those after 75 years.

The extension of the time period past 75 years assumes that the current-law OASDI [Social Security] program and the demographic and economic trends used for the year projection continue indefinitely.

Of course, the degree of uncertainty associated with estimates increases substantially for years further in the future. Under current law, the projected cost of Social Security increases faster than projected income through primarily because the ratio of workers paying taxes to beneficiaries receiving benefits will decline as the baby-boom generation ages and is replaced at working ages with subsequent lower birthrate generations.

While the effects of the aging baby boom and subsequent lower birth rates will have stabilized after , annual cost will continue to grow faster than income, but to a lesser degree, reflecting continuing increases in life expectancy. Workers born in will be the first group affected by the gradual increase.

The period from the end of World War II through marked by unusually high birth rates. Fertility and Mortality Assumptions, Calendar Years — CBS, December 30, The intermediate demographic and economic assumptions shown in table II. For this reason, alternatives I low-cost and III high-cost are included to provide a range of possible future experience.

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Transmitted to Just Facts on October 16, Transmitted to Just Facts on August 22, NOTE: Excel files containing the data and calculations are available upon request. Demography , May 17, Unfortunately, linear extrapolation excludes known risk factors and is inconsistent with long-standing demographic patterns such as the smoothness of age profiles. Modern statistical methods typically outperform even the best qualitative judgments in these contexts.

We show how to use such methods here, enabling researchers to forecast using far more information, such as the known risk factors of smoking and obesity and known demographic patterns. We predict higher life expectancy and an older age distribution of death, when considering the steady decline in smoking and rapid rise in obesity, than do the SSA projections, which use no covariates except implicitly.

An Excel file containing the data and calculations is available upon request.