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When White Pages usage is further segmented into residential versus business listings, it can be seen that the proportion of consumers using as well as the frequency of use is greater for the business White Pages than for the residential White Pages. Member companies who are interested in obtaining more information on this study can contact Larry Small.

St Louis County White Pages in Saint Louis, MO

Contributed by: Larry Small. As a premise sales rep, Mr.

Louis Division in In , Mr. In this position, he oversaw the development of the CO-OPSM handbook and worked with manufacturers and distributors in creating co-op programs that were applicable to the Yellow Pages medium.

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  • Small was promoted to the position of Vice President of Marketing Services, a position he held until November 30, During that time Mr. Small was responsible for such diverse activities as research, communications, benchmarking, collateral materials, Marketing the Medium, industry speaking engagements and a variety of meeting and convention activities. His extensive knowledge of the Yellow Pages Industry has made him a popular presenter at seminars and conventions worldwide.

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    From December until December , Mr. In January , Mr.

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    • Small was appointed to the position of Director of Research of the YPA, where his responsibilities were to oversee and advise on all YPA research activities. He retired from YPA in Mail will not be published.

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