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Cover shows 5 Harry Lauder character creations First line: "There's a good old Scottish custom that has stood the test of time. The last drink before departing. Good Condition: clean - small tears around perimeter.

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Fair to good Condition: well used - scuffed cover beginning to separate from back cover; stain on front cover which shows through to page 1. Size: 9" X 12" 40 pages. Caricature of Fats Waller sitting at piano on cover. Condition: between fair to good. Size: 9" X 12" 32 pages. Condition: Good condition. Crease on top right corner of cover.

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Clean inside. Williamsport, PA 4 of 6 pages no back cover Size: approx. Dittmar - Winter scene - A hunter is staring in a hollow log with his rifle ready to shoot. A jack rabbit hare is dancing away - backlit by a rising full moon. Bugs Bunny has nothing on this guy. Colors are orange, black, and white.

This would look great framed. Perfessor Bill Edwards offers a description of the music as well as an audio file at his website.

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This sheet music copyright Music only Condition: Fair to good condition - mild staining - see pictures - cover separated. Size: 9" X 12" 15 pages. Description: Vocal Selection From Oklahoma! Music by Richard Rodgers. NY Copyright no publishing date shown.

Cover illustrated by Barbelle See Bio. Behind them is a farm and the background is orange. The centerfold had Movie Photos. Condition: good used condition. Front to back cover has been taped together on the inside. The front cover has the retailers stamp inked in the center of the cover, and there's a water stain just below the fringe on the back of the wagon.

Vintage Music Sheets From 1879-1918

The back cover has a label stuck to it on the bottom Size: 9" X 12" 32 pages. Some small critter chewed the lower right corner of book. On back cover is a picture and biography of Harry James Good condition minor scratches on cover and minor fold on lower right corner. Goodwin, The George M. Krey Co.

Examine the photos. They're rough on the edges, selling them as is, but look nice. Historical, military and patriotic songs. Creases on corners. Historical, military and patriotic songs for World War I. Condition: Good - Owner's name on cover and ink stamp of music store also on cover - pages separated.

Will Lay The Kaiser Away" by Dettling and Cox 4 pages - words and music - nice graphics, but many tears around perimeter "So long, mother" sheet music Al Jolson - 4 pages - words and music - poor rough condition "The Army Air Corps" by Robert Crawford Official Song of the Air Corps 6 pages - words and music - stained copy "Spirit of Liberty" by JJ Thomas 6 pages - piano music - poor condition "Yankee Land" by Harry Reardon 4 pages words and music - nice graphics - corners creased - owners name on cover They're all approx.

Vocal and Piano sheet music Cover features photo of Mr. Al Abbott The Prince of Song. Graphics have an Art nouveau influence. Description: As arranged and Sung by Cantor Josef Rosenblatt pictured on Cover framed inside design of oval window surrounded by Stars of David The back cover has an ad for Sunshine Kosher cookies in yiddish. The Seven Golden Buttons is an old Hasidic tale that has often been retold. This dramatization is based on Meyer Levin's version which appeared in his "Golden Mountain". Judith Kaplan Eisenstein was an author, composer, and musicologist.

Coincidentally she is reportedly the first young woman to celebrate a Bat Mitzvah publicly in an American congregation on March 18, Rabbi Ira Eisenstein one of the founders of American Reconstructionist Judaism, Reconstructionist Judaism formally became a distinct denomination within Judaism with the foundation of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in , where he was the founding president. Good used condition.

Cover is scuffed as seen in pictures. Description: Classic Disney illustration showing the 7 dwarfs as the band with Snow White singing.

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Music from the original movie release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in Words and Music by Morey and Churchill Condition: Good clean condition - there's a little bit of color on the cover from another piece of sheet music that must have sat next to it in the piano bench. Size: 9" X 12". The Pixie's Carnival by Arthur L. Brown for solo piano. Cover is graced with a pair of dancing pixies and a pixie minstrel BF Wood Music London Condition: Fair Condition some staining and writing on cover plus stickers added on page 3. New and original favorite songs of famous hill billies.

Fair to Good Condition: shows plenty of use. Twelve Tuneful Pieces for Piano by C. Krogmann Opus 15 Delightful cover art showing 2 elfen eared pages on either side framing a sketch of kingdom and castle in the background reminiscent in layout, though not in execution to work by Maxfield Parrish - Back cover shows Pan playing his pipes under a full moon with 3 fairies listening.

G Schirmer Inc. Get your stockings ready dears, Mended well, and hung in place. The Rainbow Fairy mazurka Poising on the rainbow bright, Fairies red and green and blue; Soon you will be put to flight, With the sunbeams chasing you. For ex. Boston - Copyright Fair Condition: complete and clean but there are page tears and covers have damage - one has separated - see pictures. Popular Dance Folio No. Description: Illustrated cover shows stylish couples dancing in a grand ballroom scene. Back cover has small creases and tears along edge and top. The inside paper is very thin and a uniform brown.

Complete Catalog of Century Edition circa 24 pages stapled approx. Rare Vol I No. It will be devoted to the best interest of the art which gives it its name and will present such features as will make it of the greatest value to teachers, students and all lovers of music. Condition: Both copies are in good condition, with some minor exceptions. The spine on Vol I no.