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If you're ready to take your interest in people and history and turn it into a genealogy business, here's how to get started:.

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Experience in researching your own family history is a start; however, you might want to consider getting additional education. The National Genealogical Society offers online courses in research, documentation, and citation, plus conferences, resources and more. You can also get certified through places like Board for Certification of Genealogists , which sets you up as a professional and can allow you to charge more for your services. Along with working with individuals or families to trace their family roots, you can work for historical societies, do work as a probate or heir researcher, and more.

Things to consider are your overhead, such as home office expenses , subscriptions to genealogy databases, marketing, website etc, the value of your time, and your level of experience. You need to charge enough to cover your expenses and earn a profit, without asking for more than the market will pay. Before embarking on research, you want to learn as much as you can about the client, including the names and dates of ancestors they already know about. Finally, you'll need a draw up a contract that outlines your services and fees so the client is clear on what he'll get for his money.

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Make business cards and branded family tree documents. Build a website that outlines your services and how to get in touch with you.

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Network with genealogy clubs, organizations and historical societies in your area. Family history cruise You can learn how to trace your family tree on the high seas on a variety of family-history cruises, Utley says. Trips usually feature top genealogists and provide a chance to meet others who are piecing together their pasts. The trips are also a way to learn about the latest research tools and resources.

One company, UnlockthePastCruises. Poland Local experts in Poland can help plan a family-research trip, booking hotels, arranging transportation and perhaps finding a living relative. Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research Houston If your roots lie in the West, this Houston public library research center should be on your itinerary, Utley says.

Lodge at Doonbeg Ireland This five-star resort in County Clare on the Atlantic coast has an on-site genealogist to help guests track down their Irish family roots. She notes that many people have a connection to Ireland, the second- most-common family ancestry in the USA.

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There is also an ancestor search function that may require paying a fee to view records. Links to databases are provided, and users can subscribe to newsletters. Columns feature information about genealogy web sites, among other topics. Trentino Genealogy.

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January 14, New Scientist. February 5, What is the best DNA Test? Alder, Harry. Oxford: How To Books, Byers, Paula K.

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Native American Genealogical Sourcebook. New York: Gale Research Inc.

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Kavasch, E. Phoenix, Arizona: Oryx Press, This web site provides short pieces of information about what is contained in the National Archives and what was included in early censuses. A section called "Books and Reference Sources" provides a bibliography of genealogy materials. In addition, many of the other web sites mentioned above contain information about publications or links to publications.

The National Indian Law Library specializes in providing Indian law research assistance and does not have genealogy expertise. We cannot help you trace your Native American roots. We hope this guide will help you get started.