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He produces a blog called the Wayne Madsen Report. He is a frequent contributor to The Alex Jones Show. On June 30, , the London Observer published a front page story sourced to Madsen. According to Michael Moynihan of the Daily Beast , shortly after going to press, The Observer "realized that the story's author, Jamie Doward, failed to conduct even the most perfunctory Google search on Madsen.

That would have revealed him to be a paranoid conspiracy theorist in the tradition of Alex Jones, on whose radio show he often appears". The article was quickly removed from the parent Guardian newspaper's website pending an investigation, but not before the print edition had gone to press. According to Forbes magazine, The Observer likely took the story down as it was concerned with the reliability of the source rather than the content as no matter how "left field" the source was, the story seems to be largely true and has been a matter of public record for some years.

The Down-Low President?

Joshua Gillin of the Poynter Institute claimed that The Observer had not interviewed Madsen but had taken the quotes from an online interview with Madsen and that Madsen's "declassified documents", upon which the story was based, were publicly available on the NSA website, however, Gillen later spoke to Madsen who stated that he was interviewed for The Observer article. According to Forbes , on June 30, , the same day that The Observer both published and retracted the article, Reuters reported the same claims, but sourced from NSA documentation supplied by Edward Snowden to support his claims regarding the cyber-espionage programs Tempora and Prism.

On July 5, The Guardian responded to the controversy saying that "The documentary evidence for the story, which was based on a number of sources, was sound, but it was wrong to connect Wayne Madsen with the story. For this reason, the original story was removed from the website, and the Observer splash was replaced.

In he claimed that he had uncovered information in a classified congressional report that he said contained information linking the September 11 attacks to the government of Saudi Arabia and the Bush administration through financial transactions with the hijackers.

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The Saudi Foreign Minister demanded the report be declassified so it could respond, however, the Bush administration refused, claiming that to do so would compromise intelligence sources and methods. Madsen has claimed that Obama is gay. Madsen has asserted in The Palestine Telegraph that hundreds of Iraqi scientists who had been assassinated or died in accidents after the invasion in were actually murdered by Mossad hit teams operating in Iraq. He has begun a project to oppose Israel as a threat to world peace. In July , Madsen released a report saying there was a "Q Group" within the National Security Agency tasked with plugging leaks of classified information and the monitoring and suppression of journalists who report on the NSA.

In , Madsen reported in the Pakistan Daily that unnamed sources suggested that the company formerly known as Blackwater , had been conducting false-flag operations in Pakistan that were blamed on the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan. In June Madsen self-published his sixth book. Sign In Don't have an account? Retrieved The Commentator. Daily Beast. July 1, CBS News.

September 26, Jaded Tasks. Trine Day. This lieutenant had presented himself for an interview with the controversial Admiral Hyman G. Rickover who told him "You have 15 seconds to piss me off" to which he replied by picking up a model submarine from the admiral's desk and smashing it.

This lieutenant didn't get the position he was applying for, never attained further promotion and ended his career as the most senior lieutenant in the U. Madsen says that, when he himself resigned in , he had the same status as the lieutenant he had met in Newport.

The Manufacturing of a President

Retrieved July 7, I would argue that there is more to the modern evangelical movement than the people and influences you mention. Why am I able to say so? I am a modern evangelical, with a more liberal political point of view on many issues. For starters, I know many evangelical women who choose to remain unmarried.

I work with a couple of them. No, we are not looking for a husband for them. One woman, I know, would laugh at you if she read that. Let me give you another example. He thought the scholarship was good, but limited to one point of view. There are many views represented in modern evangleical theology.

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You point to just one. I could go on but talking but many liberals or progressives have chosen to define the modern evangelical movement to suit their own prejudices. It is equally useless to talk to many of my bretheren who have their own set of prejudices.

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I find both groups similar in many respects. We just want to trust you. If that trust goes, a lot of things will unravel very quickly.

This line from the original story is amusing, using Rezko was a complete failure for the GOP, no one cared. Even the article states born to an American Mother, which would make Obama a citizen no matter where he was born.

Mary Brown : I would argue that there is more to the modern evangelical movement than the people and influences you mention. Evangelicals egg on settlers into violent confrontations with Arabs, in the hope of sparking Armageddon. No turmoil, no Armageddon. Mary Brown : For starters, I know many evangelical women who choose to remain unmarried. Madsen believes his naval career was thwarted by a secret pedophile ring within the service.

Problem was, the check turned out to be a forgery. Paging Lucas Smith…. Misha, Misha, There you go again. I assure you I am not part of a tiny minority, not at all. Nor is my pastor. Your experiences are tiny in number compared with mine. I have lived as a Christian for 32 years and I assure you I know a lot more about what is going on than you do. Some of it sickens me. I see Christians making an idol of their country and flag.


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That really sickens me. I could go on. Sometimes, though, we see what we want. Look up Francis Chan. To the contrary, he thinks Birthers are pretty silly and stupid. See how he immediately and conclusively affirms that Obama was born in Hawaii, and explains why such a document which never actually materialized might exist. Mary Brown : I see Christians making an idol of their country and flag. When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag, and carrying a cross. Mary Brown : Misha, Misha, There you go again. There are some great lessons in tolerance for lifestyles, religion and status.

I recommend it for Mary and everyone else as well. Not to preach at all — just some interesting lessons from people who suddenly have to learn to live like the people they question or despise. The ratification of the conventions of nine states, shall be sufficient for the establishment of this Constitution between the states so ratifying the same. In Witness whereof We have hereunto subscribed our Names. Article VII states exactly what it states.

It goes into affect with 9 states ratifying it. Yes because a polite written language convention is more than enough to establish a direct link to a religion or specific diety. Well Kittens. A long form Hawaiian birth certificate can absolutely be had if you specifically request it.

Here ya go. I provided a transcript for the woman, I could not make out what the man was saying.