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Presentation As area codes vary in length, it is necessary to write them in a way that shows others which part of a number is the optional area code, and which is local number. This is normally acheived using spaces and brackets. For example, a telephone number in Sheffield, which has seven-digit local numbers and an area code of , could be written:.

It would be wrong to write or as this incorrectly suggests that the local number is only six digits long. The coverage of each area code is generally linked to the development of BT's phone network and the historic positioning of their telephone exchanges. There is no correlation between area codes and postcodes or local government areas.

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Official names for each area code were determined following an Oftel consultation in Although regulator Ofcom associates a geographic area usually a large town with each code and encourages operators to respect this, there are generally no officially-published boundaries to UK area codes. The area code for the new town of Ebbsfleet is one exception: it was newly-created in and has a precisely-specified boundary. More recently-established phone companies usually follow the same pattern as BT when assigning numbers to customers, although the boundary between two area codes can vary slightly between operators.

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