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Get some rigid photomailers, either letter size or larger ones that can be cut into two letter size ones. No chance of these being run through a sorting machine.

Use a bubble mailer for the item. A stamp will not have a tracking number. I am not sure if First class with tracking is avaliable from Amazon buy shipping or not. First class parcel is the same rate for 1 to 4 ounces.

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So you should use a larger envelope with stiffener. It will make it more noticeable. However, with the recent postal increase as well as first class parcel is now a zone rate, it can cost a little bit. Ship as a First Class Package. Anything up to 16 oz can be first class mail now. Buy the shipping on Amazon for protection… i would buy some yellow padded manila envelopes but a business envelope could work depending on the size of the item…. Wow…what a mess of information.

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Ok to use tracking number. Is it non-machinable? Yes, Add 15 cents.

OmniPost is a complete web-based barcode mail tracking system for all incoming and internal mail.

No tracking. Does it have uniform thickness? Tracking ok. Is the item flexable? In other words, does your item bend at least 1" and not contain a rigid insert? Non-machinable defined as: a. Has an aspect ratio length divided by height of less than 1. Is polybagged, polywrapped, enclosed in any plastic material, or has an exterior surface made of a material that is not paper. Windows in envelopes made of paper do not make mailpieces nonmachinable. Attachments allowable under applicable eligibility standards do not make mailpieces nonmachinable. Has clasps, strings, buttons, or similar closure devices.


Track N Trace Delivery Confirmation Outbound Mail Identify weak links in the delivery chain Predict mailstream patterns for future jobs Form real conclusions based on concrete data. Track N Trace Reporting Schedule reports to be sent to you at your convenience Use a variety of output formats for reporting flexibility Drill down for more detail into mailpiece pathways. Enhance predictability, accountability, and visibility of mailings Adding outbound and inbound mail piece tracking integrates easily into any direct mailing workflow, and our customizable reporting can be run at any time or schedule.

Comprehensive Reporting Check up on the mailstream progress of any job at any time.

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Reseller Option Become a Track N Trace reseller with a branded website that allows you to provide mail-tracking functionality directly to your customers. Dive deeper to solve problems and identify opportunities. Make data-driven decisions. Mail Tracking admin T Mail Tracking. Designed for Enterprise mailers. Know the delivery impact of each and every mailpiece. The GrayHair Advantage.

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