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Did he ever actually like me, the way I liked him? I waited a full 14 hours for Lukas to respond. Five hours later I was panicked and vowing to never return to my hometown in fear that everyone from my elementary class would be right there to taunt me. As my anticipation turned into deep regret, the haunting memory of a time I tried to confess my love to Lukas played on loop in my mind.

L: I'm happy to hear you are doing well Alex. I'm sure that wouldn't be a bad deal. Just shoot me a text with questions. I'm open to it.

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I messaged him back, trying to exert myself as a cool girl. Me: So, you go by Luke now L: Lukas works, it was in high school that I changed it up. Me: Gotcha. So what were your thoughts when I asked you to help me out with this? L: Well I think I would say mostly I was surprised and it brought back a lot of childhood memories. Me: Wait. Surprised that I liked you? L: Yeah that for sure, but also that I would be asked about my life from when I was younger. I was never a paragon of subtlety. L: I did, to be honest, like you as well. Especially early on. Be still my beating heart.

Me: What????

L: Ha yeah. I was just nervous about girls. I didn't know how to communicate and I didn't think I needed to work on it haha kind of goofy teenage stuff for middle school Lukas. Look who could have actually had a boyfriend years and years earlier. Our impressions of each other eventually became the central point of our conversation. I mostly look back at that time in my life and cringe at how eager I was to get his attention along with the acceptance of our peers.

How many stories did I over-exaggerate to make myself look cooler and could everyone see right through them? I once straightened and clamped two bobby pins to my teeth after Lukas had innocently asked when I was getting braces. At the time, a gap in the middle of my two front teeth was acting as the bane of my existence. L: I remember you in preschool as being super active and competitive and that stayed the competitiveness.

Elementary school, you were still active and more mature for sure. You never really got wrapped up in people's drama. In middle school, you were shy around me and I was nervous about talking [to you because] I felt I did something or should like I should act a certain way.

Me: This perspective is crazy. I definitely felt shy in middle school. I think by then I felt like we had been really good friends in elementary school especially in 5th and 6th grade before we moved to the other building and then puberty hit and I was like boys have pubes!

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And they talk about our boobs! How do you help your child figure it all out? There are usually two reasons for a close friendship to cool off. First, the children are no longer interested in the same things. Mutual interests are the language of friendship, particularly among boys. The loss of a best friend can be devastating for children.

As a parent, attempt to become aware when a friendship seems to be cooling off and try to catch it in the early stages. If you notice that a friend is rarely inviting your child to play then try to slow down the invitations to this child. Who else would you like to invite over?

The first step is to speak to his or her teacher to get an objective opinion. And no one wants to play with me at recess! It is entirely possible that there might be just one particular classmate who squabbles with your child. Maybe your child is well liked but is uncomfortable in group situations. It is also important to remember that children often have trouble with perspective. But as parents, we must show our children that we have confidence in their ability to deal with the situation. Try a positive question instead.

It is important to plan the play date and include your child in the process. Observe the play date but do not become the third playmate.

The three main obstacles to a good play date are frustration, boredom, and conflict. Watch for these and intervene before these obstacles take over and ruin the play date. Further, certain activities, such as watching television or playing video games on the computer, interfere with play dates, making it difficult to talk and interact socially. These activities can needlessly steal time away from playing with friends and often rob your child of the energy or desire to play with others.

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Children need to learn how to have fun, talk, and solve problems with other children. Negotiating the social and friendship landscape can be tricky for children. When they hop out of the car at school in the morning, the social drama begins. But, you can help.

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In addition to these ideas, there are a wealth of books that can help you learn more. Check back for a booklist next week! For more information, please call , email admissions lowellschool. Topics: Parenting. Birthday Parties.

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School Store. News Archive. Ups and Downs of Friendship in Elementary School. How are elementary school friendships different from those in preschool? Kindergarten and 1st Grade Children will play with everyone. Close friends share toys and activities.