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Federal Government vehicles are issued " vehicle class " stickers bearing the letters "GC. In Ontario, motor vehicle dealers licensed under the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act use a single portable plate with the word "DEALER" on the left side and red alpha-numeric characters on a white background. It is for exclusive use by motor vehicle dealers only on motor vehicles owned as part of the dealer's inventory of vehicles for sale.

It may also be used for private use vehicles that are owned as part of the dealer's inventory of vehicles for sale. Quebec has a similar scheme. Plate numbers with the prefix "X" followed by five or six digits may be used on any vehicle that is part of a dealer's inventory.

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Service providers, including anyone who repairs, customizes, modifies, manufactures or transports motor vehicles or trailers use yellow and black DLR series plates Dealer and Service Plate. The diplomatic plates are issued by the province in which the consulate or embassy is located. Thus, most plates are issued in Ontario , where the capital Ottawa is located. The provincial government introduced new vehicle plate template for consular officials in The plates are red background contrast with blue or white background for regular plates and white letterings.

These plates do not have slogans such as "Beautiful British Columbia" or "Best Place on Earth" that appear on plates for regular plates. Ontario plates are colour-coded. Car, motorcycle and trailer plates use blue letters on a white background.

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Commercial vehicle, bus and farm plates use black on white; diplomat plates are white on red; dealer plates are red on white; and green plates are for electric vehicles and have a 3-number, 3-letter format, coded as follows:. Ambassadors or Heads of Missions use plates in the to number series, i. Saskatchewan Consular Corps plates maintain the colour scheme of standard plates green on white. Mission holders based in Quebec have a unique format. The sum of the letters and numbers is a validation.

These licence plates are only valid for 3 months and can be renewed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Canada vehicle license plates. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: Canadian licence plate designs and serial formats. This section's tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia.

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    Public Services and Procurement Canada. July 23, Vehicle registration plates of Canada by province or territory. Persons acting as agents for the owner must present a power of attorney document or a notarized letter authorizing the agent to take possession of the vehicle on the owner's behalf.

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    The letter must identify the vehicle being picked up. The vehicle must have current registration or have a temporary operating permit before it can be released. If a vehicle was impounded for evidence, the owner may obtain a release once the Police Department has completed its investigation. The California Legislature intended to provide safer roads for the motoring public by removing vehicles driven by unlicensed, suspended or revoked drivers for 30 days.

    A serious violation of the law calls for a serious response. Financial hardship or your need of the vehicle for work or school cannot be taken into account.

    The vehicle will remain in impound for a full 30 days. If the release day falls on a City holiday or on a weekend, the release may be obtained on the closest business day before the weekend or holiday. If the driver at the time of the tow obtains a valid California driver license any time before the end of the day hold, the vehicle may be released early. Here are some common circumstances:. I let the person drive my vehicle. I didn't know his or her license was not valid. If it's your vehicle, it's your responsibility. Under section CVC, the owner of a vehicle has a duty to ensure the person driving their vehicle possesses a valid license.

    If you allow or permit anyone, including your spouse, child, friend or relative to drive your vehicle and that person does not have a valid license, you will be responsible for towing and storage fees. You will not have access to your vehicle for 30 days. He or she took the car without my permission. To say that someone has taken your car without your permission is not a valid excuse. Ask yourself how this happened. Have you allowed this person to use your car in the past? Do they have access to your vehicle?

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    Did you ask to see their license? To say that someone without a valid license has taken your vehicle without your knowledge or permission, is in fact, cause for a stolen vehicle report to be filed. That [ name of defendant ] was an owner of the vehicle at the time. That [ name of defendant ], by words or conduct, gave permission. In determining whether permission was given, you may consider the. Separate instructions will be necessary regarding the negligence of the driver and.

    Read bracketed language if appropriate to the. If ownership of the vehicle is uncontested, element 2 may be deleted. Vehicle Code section Vehicle Code section a. Compensation Insurance Co. Hartnett 19 Cal. Where, for example, the parties are related by blood, or marriage, or where the. California State Automobile. Code section ] for the purpose of creating a liability thereunder, is not. Under the Vehicle. One or more persons. Peirce 53 Cal. Campbell v. Bank 62 Cal. Christensen 18 Cal.

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    It is clear that it was. According to. Grosse The mere fact of co-ownership does not necessarily or. CACI No. Krum v.