Identify vw engine by serial number

VINs can be found in several locations on a car, but the most common places are:.

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VINs are critical pieces of information for identifying the exact VW type and the engine that was put into it when it was built. VW used a combination of two numbers- the Chassis Number and the Engine Code to convey information about the vehicles. This can be worked out also from the plates the factory fitted to the car.

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One can find one or two metal plates modern ones have stickers : the Chassis plate and the Production plate if fitted. If your VW is pre model year pre-Aug 69 , you will not find the production plate but you can estimate production plate details from a comparison of chassis numbers. This is found on the front panel on Beetles , Type 3 s and Type 4 s. Types 2 s have a similar plate on the bulkhead behind the left-hand front seat, with extra details included.

It may look something like this especially if early 70s :. In a couple of years production exceeded 1,, which makes the extra '2' become a '3'. With the production year established using the Chassis Plate, one can also figure out the production day and month. From August , VW fixed a production plate which holds the information you need for this. This plate is found on Beetles, Type 3s and Type 4s on the front panel near the chassis plate, but painted in the body colour.

For Type 2s, the details may be found on the plate behind the left-hand front seat.

How to Identify VW Engine Size by Block Number

It gives the production date as the week of the calendar year, and the weekday. For the sample plate above, this VW was made on Monday, Week 18 a calendar lets you work out the actual date. Its factory colour code is 21, which is Marina blue shown in brochures. VW engine cooling system components. Brazilian Bug. Super Beetle. Labels: Volkswagen. Jennie Lanics April 1, at PM.

VW Beetle Type 1 VIN (Chassis) and Engine Serial Numbers ()

RightCar January 7, at PM. Andy Volodin March 12, at PM.

Anonymous May 17, at PM. Doghousegc May 22, at AM. You will want to have the DMV check both numbers before purchasing one. Better safe than sorry! You need to be certain to check ALL of the ID number locations on a vehicle in order to know exactly what you are getting or have acquired. Under the back seat, stamped on the floor pan just forward of the transmission linkage access cover On the chassis identification plate a silver aluminum plate riveted in the trunk, near the spare tire. German Production.

German Production Ghia. Worldwide Production Thing. Possible Chassis Number Locations on a Type German Production Late Bus.

Where to Find Audi VW Volkswagen Engine Code - ALL MODELS - TOTAL TECHNIK

German Production Vanagon. VW also stamped their engine cases with a serial number, sometimes referred to as an Engine Number, or Engine Case Number.

VW Chassis Numbers

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VW Chassis Numbers. In the engine bay, just to the right of the engine. On early busses, on the roof inside near the fan assembly. September 17, at pm.